Prelude of Prelude - Vivace

10y Jun 29, 2020

... it turned out Illidan had a plan, so we followed his lead all along the Legion expansion, through 4 tiers of raiding, until the ultimate defeat of the Burning Legion.
Prelude managed to achieve Ahead of the Curve in heroic for each of them, from Emerald Nightmare to Nighthold, from the Tomb of Sargeras to Antorus, the Burning Throne.
Everybody worked hard on their Artifacts, the system Blizzard introduced to level the players weapons all along the expansion, while the rng system of getting random Legendaries was probably the biggest failure.
Again Fleur's hopes for some Guild housing were crumbled, but this time we got the Class Order Halls and their brilliant quest chains that developed many interesting storylines

It was a fun expansion, in where Prelude kept many traditions, from the Friday Fun Run™ to the summer tour in old instances, collecting and levelling Battle Pets and having fun together. It was also the last expansion we used the EPGP system to handle the loot distribution in raids, for the joy of the new officers of the time, Blindio and Leonz.

Then Battle for Azeroth started and many things changed or evolved.
Let's hear what happened from the words of Misstaken (in italic):

"Prelude was entering a new and exciting stage of its history with Battle for Azeroth. There was a new and more flexible set of raid rules, allowing skilled casuals to join the raids - these rules showed to be very beneficial to the guild and the guildies, as it allowed casual players to be able to experience our friendly and helpful raid environment once in while, even though they could not commit 100% to every raid. We also experimented a new rank, Champion, to help the guild with many kind of tasks. The guildies who stepped up to help at different times were Carling. Tomas, Artemis, Moncha (V) and Misstaken

Mythic plus dungeons

I (Misstaken) was asked to join this champion rank (joined the officer rank later on), to help and  encouraging guildies to do mythic dungeons. I was very pleased with this task, because I wanted to help the guild foreward as much as I could. And at this time I was a mythic plus enthusiast and had some knowledge to share -  now I'm just slacking :P. The mythic dungeons require skills and have great rewards, therefore there is nothing to loose by enthering these.

I came up with the idea of making a mythic tournament. In cooporation with other officers we ended with 3 succesful mythic plus tournaments with some months in between - each of them with different point systems and rewards.  Guildies  were competing and trying to get as many mythic + dungeons done as much to earn points - and the higher key the more points. These tournaments have been a huge succes and maybe its calling for a tournament number 4? who knows ;-)

Ahead of the Curve and mythic raiding

As always we adventured into the raids and got the Ahead of Curve achievement for every single tier. We struggled in the second raid, Battle of Dazar’alor.  
This tier was harder than the previous ones, both for in game and outside game reasons. We struggled for some time as many guilds did ( we even tried out an alliance for some time, and got to know Lingxiaoyu through this, who ended up joining us half a year after)  but we endured the challenge and we got our triumph in this raid.
This achievement was a testimonial to Prelude raiders resilience and a great feat of our community as a whole. We had the help of some friends and ex members along the route on a couple of bosses (thank you!), but in the end we overcame every difficulty as a guild: well done everyone!

As a new challenge the guild began to adventure into mythic raids with a huge succes. It was not because we wanted to be a mythic raiding guild, but because we had the time and enjoyed these challenges together. In the last 3 raids we have killed 1-3 first mythic bosses and currently working on the  4th boss Shad'har in Ny'alotha - because we can and because we have never had that much interest and engagement in mythic raids as we have now.

This expansion have contributed with many new friends in the guild. Lingxiaoyu, Birko, Ellium, Shartulga, Flumpsy, Helno, Centrurus, Athynna, Sletje, Sammage, Giansbane, Ironhead, Nefar among many others - We also go to friend, which have been helping us in many mythic raids - Nadren from Silvermoon ;-)
Last but not least, the officer crew had been expanded in BFA with Misstaken, Lingxiaoyu and Artemis "

We are a strong team, working well together, discussing, cooperating and helping each other, keeping Prelude achieving  the common goal: to have a guild that allow us to raid and progress skillfully through the end-game content while keeping a friendly and fun environment where respect for each other and having fun are key factors.


Among with Fleurexq, Blue

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