Main: Artemis (hunter)
Rank: Officer
Date of birth in WoW: Dawn of time (Feb 11th 2005)

First char played: Artemis

Known alts: Skapa (warrior), Lamentatio (priest), Boreasa (mage)

Favourite mount / pet: Huntmaster’s Fierce Wolfhawk.
Pet... Gnomes, they are so puntable!

Favourite raid / instance: Ulduar / Karazhan

Favourite BG: Old Alterac Valley

3 favourite zones: Winterspring, Nagrand, Feralas

Favourite drink / food: all of it

3 random items in bank: Enchanted Black Dragon Sinew, Linken’s Sword of Mastery, Linken’s Boomerang

Artemis Armory Link

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