Main: Lingxiaoyu (Monk)
Rank: Officer
Date of birth in WoW: Cataclysm, during Dragon Soul

First char played: rogue

Known alts: Cellesti (Warrior), Funkle (Demon Hunter), Crimsonwave (Death Knight)

Favourite mount / pet: Kor’kron War Wolf (was the first mount i felt that i truly earned) / I don’t collect the pets really

Favourite raid / instance: Siege of Orgrimmar

Favourite BG: Warsong Gulch

3 favourite zones: The Jade Forest, Deepholm, Nazjatar

Favourite drink / food: ij’wit (beer) / pizza

3 random items in bank: Skyshard, Jina-kang kindness of Chi-ji, Imp Meat

Lingxiaoyu Armory Link

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