Main: Misstaken (mage)
Rank: Officer
Date of birth in WoW: 05/08/2006

First char played: Misstaken

Known alts: Celian (paladin), Mirjah (priest), Nada (Demon Hunter), Rane (Rogue)

Favourite mount / pet: Prestigious Ivory Courser

Favourite raid / instance: Karazhan. Dungeons: Lower Karazhan, The Seat of the Triumvirate, Freehold

Favourite BG: Arathi Basin

3 favourite zones: Stranglethorn Vale, Nagrand

Favourite drink / food: everything that includes cream and/or coconut milk

3 random items in bank: Competitor's tabard, Marquee Binding of the Sun King, Weak Flux

Misstaken Armory link

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