Main: Thoal (Druid) –> Diplomat or Pao in previous expansions
Rank: Officer
Date of birth in WoW: 2005, February 16th

First char played: My first class was a warrior, and I can’t remember his name. I had never played an MMO like this before and had no clue what I was doing. My talent points where everywhere they shouldn’t be. I decided when I came into Stranglethorn Vale that I would re-roll something different and I didn’t know at the time you could have more than 1 char. So, warrior was deleted and Baddi the rogue was created.

Known alts: Baddi the rogue was a character I played for a long time but in TBC I switched to Potter my warlock. I also raided on Xo the mage for a bit in Cataclysm, but all my alts are too many to mention.

Favourite mount / pet: I’m a big fan of the tiger mounts. One day I’ll start on grinding for the Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber, but until then I’ll use my trusted Spotted Frostsaber as my land mount.

Favourite raid / instance: Very hard question, I’ve liked so many of them. I think I have to give this one to Black Temple because it was so much fun raiding there at the time, and getting the Illidan kill at 02:50 AM on the evening before the patch that was going to nerf him.

Favourite BG: Any BG I join with guildies for a good time.

3 favourite zones: Ever since that first time I entered Stranglethorn Vale, it’s been on my top list as a great looking zone. I think my most fun leveling experience was in the Valley of the four winds with Li Li and Chen Stormstout. I also know I will always be an Alliance player because of Stormwind. The first time I walked through those gates was amazing and it always feels like home when I go there.

Favourite drink / food: Bacon, Crispy Bacon, or any bacon, just bacon in any form!

3 random items in bank: Hmm, I have Chef’s hat that I worked for and never use. A few collected Netherwing Egg in case I ever start working on the reputation grind, and my Honorary Brewmaster Keg .

Thoal Armory Link

this was Pao in all his glory:

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