Raid Reboot: summer marathon!

Video Aug 03, 2012

Do you remember the old days in the Molten Core ? You still want to punch Gruul on his nose ? You never managed to raid in Ahn’Qiraj ?
Here’s your chance to do it !
Prelude is pleased to announce the big summer raid marathon: Raid Reboot ! Every week we will go back in time and face old bosses to complete achievements and to get nice old tier gear for transmogrification !
All Prelude members are welcome (raiders, social, frozen, alts) !

This preview is in standard quality. (may require up to 30/40 sec. to buffer)

You can download the HD version here

Here’s the raid schedule. For a more detailed explanation about the event, check the announcement in the forums !

Aug. 15:
– Molten Core
– Blackwing Lair
– Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj 20
– Temple of Ahn’Qiraj 40

Aug. 20:
– Karazhan
– Gruul’s Lair
– Magtheridon’s Lair
– Serpentshrine Cavern
– Tempest Keep

Aug. 22:
– Battle for Mount Hyjal
– The Black Temple
– Sunwell Plateau

Aug. 27:
– Naxxramas
– Eye of Eternity
– Obsidian Sanctum
– Ruby Sanctum

Aug. 29:
– Vault of Archavon
– Ulduar

Sept. 03:
– Trial of the Crusader
– Icecrown Citadel

Sept. 05:
– Onyxia’s Lair
– Blackwing Descent

Sept. 10:
– Baradin Hold
– Bastion of Twilight
– Throne of the Four Winds

Sept. 12:
– Firelands

Sept. 17:
– Dragon Soul

Sept. 19:
– Dragon Soul

Sept. 20:
– Dragon Soul

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