Patchy September

Pandaria Sep 04, 2013

Hello again!
How did the holiday season treat you? Any embarrassing stories to share?

As you may know, Blizzard announced patch 5.4 for the 11th of September for us European folk. If you have been away and not sure what is happening, this is a great summary:

Finally some new content and a new raid! For this reason we have also opened up recruitment for a few dps classes.

In the meantime we have been continuing with our achievement runs, including a try at some challenge runs which I really enjoyed. I would like to personally thank the lovely** Fleur** for helping us with tactics and coming along all the time even though she didn’t need any herself. A big hug from all of us to you!

This is a bit late but huge congratz to our lucky priest Bartt on the mount from Ji-Kun

That’s all folks.

PS – Don’t we look so cute here?

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