The Nighthold heroic: full clear

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Aug 192017

This is old news of course, as our raiders are working in Tomb of Sargeras heroic, but congratulations to everybody for the Ahead of the Curve achievement in Nighthold heroic 🙂

Please enjoy the pictures of our final triumph against Gul’dan 2.0, in raid order from start to end:

Arcing Aqueducts


Chronomatic Anomaly


Royal Athenaeum

Spellblade Aluriel

Star Augur Etraeus

High Botanist Tel’arn


Krosus wait line



Betrayer’s Rise


and now some relax near the fountain!

Prelude fun

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Apr 082017

Our raiders are awesome, as they are now working on Gul’dan heroic (more piccies about heroic Nighthold 9/10 in a future post), but they also like to play for fun!

The night is dark and full of terrors

Prelude tradition of friday night runs with music and booze is well established, and socials and friends know they can join and be more than welcome!
What happens on friday nights stay in friday nights, so we are *not* reporting attempted murders, padding meters or general misbehaviour *cough* but the last run was even darker than normal…

if you don’t see anything in the pictures, this is exactly the point! Spoiler: get some Inky Black Potion!

Some guildies like hard challenges…

Our warrior Aryla is the first in the guild to get the insanely hard scenario for the challenge Artifact look done. According to our data he could be even the first or second warrior on Dragonblight!
In the realm top three for sure, anyway, so we are very very proud of him!
Good job Aryla you are a gem of the warrior class and we /salute you.

…and some guildies are just crazy cat ladies!

Prelude tradition of battle pet collections started with our mage Sfendourax topping the realm rank for nearly two expansions. Check his interview here in the blog!

At the moment we have 5 guildies ranked in the realm top50, with Blindio (3rd priest) leading at 27th and Fleurexq (4th hunter) close second at 29th. It’s not a suprise to meet guildies when the weekly battle pet event happens, and it seems everybody likes the trick to level low pets with the Iron Starlette in Stormheim. Rumour has it somebody used nearly 1000 pet bandages between fights….

The Nighthold normal: revenge done!

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Feb 222017

Ahhh how cool is to see that yet another Gul’dan falling? Our revenge is done!

Prelude fully cleared The Nighthold in normal difficulty shortly after the release.
The new raid is really interesting, some fun fights, some breathtaking scenery, some hint of nostalgia (Sunwell Plateau anyone?)… and revenge, sweet revenge 😀  Plus the badass return of some winged char we all love!
Prelude approved™

Did you notice how amazing is the background of Gul’dan encounter? Dalaran on one side, and a portal to the abyss on the other, with space, stars and a scary planet

Trial of Valor heroic done!

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Jan 252017

As in the Prelude tradition, we managed to clear heroic Trial of Valor before the release of the new raid, The Nighthold.

Congratulations to our raiders for the Ahead of the Curve achievement!

While we already defeated 8/10 encounters in normal Nighthold, we are now looking for healers to help us in heroic.
A tree would be most welcome, tho we wont promise anything about campfires and/or standing in fire …

Trial of Valor normal: completed!

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Dec 012016

Who dares to challenge our valor? We are veterans of many many fights!
Sorry Odyn, your so called Trial of Valor in normal is already old history: you can thank us for defeating your enemy Helya
You are welcome!


you can see the defiance our raiders showed when challenged: look at pandas, gnomes and demons jumping into hell portals like Helheim is a walk in the park 🙂



The Emerald Nightmare heroic is cleansed from corruption too!

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Dec 012016

In early november we got our Ahead of the Curve achievement for Emerald Nightmare heroic.
The Dream has been restored, Cenarius has been saved, and everything is fine in the Emerald outerworld

Well done raiders of Prelude!


The Emerald Nightmare normal cleansed: Dream restored!

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Sep 282016

BY PRELUDE BE PURGED! no Nightmare can stand the cleansing power of our raiders!

The first week of raiding went well and we learned the basics of all the fights in the Emerald Nightmare, killing all seven bosses.
Good job everyone!

The only minor quibble is we have only one gnome left in the roster – you can see her front line in all the screenies – so her secret plan to take over the guild is a bit on hold.
If a healer or a ranged dps would like join her, we have room for more gnomes!!!








Legion is incoming – about time!

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Aug 272016

Boys and Girls,

the time has come to stop being bored and just logging in to do missions – Legion is here!

Raiding plans and any potential recruitment will be announced shortly so keep an eye out.

We wish everyone a great time levelling, exploring and falling off cliffs (or floor inspecting if that’s your thing)!


Heroic Archimonde down… wait! Is that a déjà-vu?

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Apr 042016

Prelude is waiting for Legion, but in the while we are not resting on our laurels!

As we had some guildies who couldnt join our first kills, we decided to clear heroic Hellfire Citadel again and get more achievements and more mounts

Congratulations guys for your success!