Main: Wallywest
Rank: Officer
Date of birth in WoW: 2005, April 15th
First char played: Orin (warrior)
Known alts: Rhindani (Horde Shaman), Widukind (Druid), Orin (Warrior), Chrisjericho (Horde Paladin)
Favourite mount / pet: Sapphire Panther / Speedy
Favourite raid / instance: old Naxxramas / Blackrock Depths
Favourite BG: Alterac Valley
3 favourite zones: Darkshore (pre Cata), Winterspring, Azshara (pre Cata)
Favourite drink / food: Strawberry ice tea / Schwarzwald cake
3 random items in bank: Dead Mole, Old Boot, Blingtron Heart Key

 Wallywest Armory Link


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