Main: Taø –> in Legion our guild master became a Demon Hunter, Bluedaemon!
Rank: Guild Master
Date of birth in WoW: 2005, July 22
First char played: a druid, then Cataldus (a mage)
Known alts: Bluequiver (Hunter), Blueshield (Death Knight), Shamaldo (shaman), Paddingtøn (druid), Taø (Monk), Plugandpray (Priest)
Favourite mount / pet: Magnificent Flying Carpet / Lurky
Favourite raid / instance: Black Temple / Dire Maul
Favourite BG: Eye of the Storm
3 favourite zones: Darnassus, Feralas, Nagrand
Favourite drink / food: everything, i’m a Panda!!!
3 random items in bank: Totem of Harmony, Winter Veil Disguise Kit (/dance), Puntable Marmot

Bluedaemon Armory Link


this was Taø in all his glory:

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