Main: Leonz
Rank: Officer
Date of birth in WoW: November 2004

First char played: Druid (horde) on a pvp-server back in 2004.

Known alts: Pauladean, Bowdiddley, Bielska, Phatpaws and more alts

Favourite mount / pet: favorite mount is and has always been druid flight form: its awesome.
Favorite pet is Groot (Broot).

Favourite raid / instance: Old Karazhan is my favorite raid, so many memeories and thats where I got know alot of my wow-friends during our fun runs on Fridays.
Favorite instance is Lower Blackrock Spire, a bit weird but I like the fact that its a bit of a maze to get through 🙂

Favourite BG: I’m not a big pvp-person, but Alterac valley is one i find fun to do.

3 favourite zones: Desolace, mainly cause it was nice to be alone when questing back in vanilla;
Vashj’ir, I guess i’m the only one who likes the waterworld, last bit not least I have to say Nagrand in Outlands (TBC) I just love that place for its scenery.

Favourite drink / food: IRL Gin/Tonic and food is pizza

3 random items in bankStraw hat, Direbrews remote, Master plow

Leonz Armory Link