Main: Blindio
Rank: Officer
Date of birth in WoW: 2005, February 17
First char played: Barry (the warrior, with whom I achieved a mighty level 10 in 2 weeks of playing 3-4 hours a day… [and they say leveling today is a hard grind])
Known alts: Carrot, Sweepér, Shamharoth, Téach, Knurd, Truckle, Oddbod, IveBeenUnwel, Armadillo, Impycelyn, Doa, Fáust, Dorfl, TheLády, Flóki & BuyWowGold
Favourite mount / pet: Darkmoon Rabbit
Favourite raid / instance: UBRS (I still have the key)
Favourite BG: Warsong Gulch (it was quite fun doing it in a pre-made of 10 hunters)
3 favourite zones: Un’goro (as a hunter I spent a lot of time there), Westfall, Tanaris
Favourite drink / food:Crispy Bacon
3 random items in bank:Minion’s Scourgestone(in case they ever come back and invade again)
Winter Veil Cookie (they are very similar to dwarf bread as they never seem to go off), Carrot on a Stick

 Blindio Armory Link


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