October Leaves

Pandaria Oct 06, 2013

Hellllllllllo People!
Welcome to the latest installment of the Prelude Blog.
So what have we been up to? Finally the patch landed and we have all been busy farming on the The Timeless Isle. Some more than others… our ex-imp priest Stmaria managed to get The Reins of the Heavenly Golden Could Serpent on the 21st of September!

The new raid instance, The Siege of Orgrimmar, is not bad at all and I must say I enjoy the Flex raid option, good practice grounds. Congratz on the raid team who are progressing steadily there.

Joining us in September are all these sexy people: Airwave, Aggripa, Daprechor, Eltharion, Immitis, Hargir, Scyjow, Veruss and Zelina.

That’s it for this month, see you in-game.


P.S – This is guild is full of weirdos… see below.

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