Melting August

Pandaria Aug 03, 2013

Greetings folks,
this post will be brief as I may melt away any minute now.
Our official raiding has been suspended for the summer holidays. Hope everyone can find time to relax and forget all their worries. When you get back be ready to clear Throne of Thunder – only one boss left!
In the meantime we are going to be doing our usual “Fun Runs” which include old raids, achievements and LFR. Finally a few of us are getting our Firelands and Dragonsoul mounts. Hopefully we can persuade someone to help us out in Ulduar too.

And apparently we are also into a new sport known as TreeDancing…

A tickle to all the new folks that joined this band of nutters: Aisx, Muqq and Twiggo

Think I will go and step inside the fridge now.

Pollon (combina guai)

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