May The Force Be With You.

Pandaria Jun 02, 2013

Hello Ciao Salut Hallo Halo Hei Hej Halló Cześć Olá ¡Hola everyone,
Hope this past month has bought all of you lots of epics!

We had the pleasure of welcoming the following people in our ranks: Banacafalata, Bloodscream, Brêwsleê, Howi, Laiph, Lanila, Meichu and Snowscape.

I’d like to do another competition for our guildies… this time I will test your Prelude knowledge.
The first person who sends me, Pollon, a PM on the forums with the answers to these questions gets another awesome prize.

  1. Who was the first Guild Master of Prelude?
  2. Which player was assigned the first legendary?
  3. What date was the guild created?
  4. Which main character has the most achievements in the guild?

Hurry folks, you don’t wanna miss out!

Oh and for all those who mock me and say there is no crab outside the Shrine…

what’s that dead creature next to me, hmmm? No more denying it now, hah!

With this, I bid you all farewell.

Salty Pollon

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