January Chills

Pandaria Feb 03, 2013

Dear fellow World of Warcraft lovers,
let’s have a look at the latest developments in the guild. In this month raiding has progressed as usual, with some bumps due to lack of numbers but this should improve now. We’ve also started regular social runs to complete achievements such as Glory of Pandaria Hero and random pre-Pandaria raids. Plus there are some unconfirmed reports of a Beach Party on a certain Sunday…
Last but not least, we’d like to welcome some new members: Annares, Beazty, Dafo, Daremythia, Earsmaginty, Faluzure, Kaliò (he was a social member but started raiding with us), Nordicbear and Teya – The Bloodthirsty.

I’d also like to add a thanks to all the officers for the hard work they put into keeping this guild going and making a fun, welcoming home for all of us! Special thanks to Taø and Fleurexq for the great work on the new and improved forum!

Take Care and remember female dwarfs are hot.




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