Main: Fleurexq (Hunter)
Rank: Guild Master
Date of birth in WoW: 2005, July 22

First char played: a druid, but I was told that tanking wasnt my best ability…

Known alts: Fleurvert (druid), Fleurnoire (shaman), Fleurblanc (priest), Fleurdumal (warlock), Fleurazure (mage). Fleurjade (monk)...

Favourite mount / pet: Argent Hippogryph / Mini Tyrael

Favourite raid / instance: Upper Blackrock Spire in vanilla (kiting to BWL was a fun hunter trick!), but I pretty enjoy every raid, as it’s my favourite WOW activity.
Only exception is that horrible, horrible Titan built place whose name I refuse to mention that I hate from the deep of my heart.
As for dungeons, i like all the troll related instances, from Gundrak to King's Rest, but my favourite ever is End Time . Killing Jaina FTW!

Favourite BG: BG? what’s BG? I don’t like pvp… but if I’m dragged in it, I’d say Arathi Basin or Temple of Kotmogu

3 favourite zones: Duskwood, Terokkar Forest (Outland), Howling Fjord, Shadowmoon Valley (Draenor), Drustvar

Favourite drink / food: Black Coffee / Sushi both in game and IRL

3 random items in bank: Rhok’delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers (the best bow forever… it has flowers growing on it! it’s epic! and i had to kill 4 demons all over the world to get it)
Dragonstalker’s Helm (dragon head! how cool!), Tabard of the Protector

Fleurexq Armory Link

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