Main: Auchter
Rank: Legend of Prelude
Date of birth in WoW: 2005, August 11

First char played: this

Known alts: Azariell (rogue), Kilminster (tankadin), Velden (shammy)

Favourite mount / pet: Black War Ram / Snowshoe Rabbit – my first pet

Favourite raid / instance: Serpentshrine Cavern and Zul Gurub / Scholomance!

Favourite BG: Warsong Gulch, it’s fast and I can do whatever I want as warrior carrying the flag

3 favourite zones: Grizzly Hills, Nagrand, Azshara

Favourite drink / food: Hearty Rhino / Rumsey Rum – tanking booze I used to level as prot in vanilla

3 random items in bank: Zandalar Honor Token – it was for Zul Gurub enchants, u know?
Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer to see and talk with the ghosts outside Scholomance
and ofc, Tabard of the Protector

Auchter Armory Link

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