Trial of Valor heroic done!

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Jan 252017

As in the Prelude tradition, we managed to clear heroic Trial of Valor before the release of the new raid, The Nighthold.

Congratulations to our raiders for the Ahead of the Curve achievement!

While we already defeated 8/10 encounters in normal Nighthold, we are now looking for healers to help us in heroic.
A tree would be most welcome, tho we wont promise anything about campfires and/or standing in fire …

Trial of Valor normal: completed!

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Dec 012016

Who dares to challenge our valor? We are veterans of many many fights!
Sorry Odyn, your so called Trial of Valor in normal is already old history: you can thank us for defeating your enemy Helya
You are welcome!


you can see the defiance our raiders showed when challenged: look at pandas, gnomes and demons jumping into hell portals like Helheim is a walk in the park 🙂