Trial of Valor heroic done!

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Jan 252017

As in the Prelude tradition, we managed to clear heroic Trial of Valor before the release of the new raid, The Nighthold.

Congratulations to our raiders for the Ahead of the Curve achievement!

While we already defeated 8/10 encounters in normal Nighthold, we are now looking for healers to help us in heroic.
A tree would be most welcome, tho we wont promise anything about campfires and/or standing in fire …

The Emerald Nightmare normal cleansed: Dream restored!

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Sep 282016

BY PRELUDE BE PURGED! no Nightmare can stand the cleansing power of our raiders!

The first week of raiding went well and we learned the basics of all the fights in the Emerald Nightmare, killing all seven bosses.
Good job everyone!

The only minor quibble is we have only one gnome left in the roster – you can see her front line in all the screenies – so her secret plan to take over the guild is a bit on hold.
If a healer or a ranged dps would like join her, we have room for more gnomes!!!