New Season 2015

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Dec 282014


Prelude wishes you all a very Happy New Year.

Raiders, please go check and vote on the poll to decide the raid start time.
Remember the new season will restart on wednesday the 7th of January

Cataclysm poll n°4 results: the start

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Nov 272010

So we are close…. in the fourth poll about Cataclysm we asked Prelude people about when they will start to play the expansion.
It looks most people will start as soon as possible 🙂

Results of the poll: “When do u will start to play Cataclysm?”
– i’ll download Cataclysm through Blizzard digital pre-sale: so, Dec 7th!  36%
i pre-ordered my copy from an online store: so, when the delivery will arrive at home 36%
– my local store will have a midnight open for sale: so, as soon the line will ends  21%
– i will buy my copy during the first week then i will start to level 0%
– i’m not sure 7%

Cataclysm poll n°3 results: professions

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Nov 112010

In the third poll about Cataclysm we asked again Prelude people about their levelling plans.
This time we discovered that most of us will work at the same time on our chars and professions..
time is money!!! 🙂

Results of the poll: “How do u will level your professions?”
i’ll level all my professions in the while i level my char to 85  56%
– i’ll level just gathering professions (herbalism skinning mining) at the same time than the char 6%
– i will concentrate to reach 85 then i will level professions later 38%
– i’ll level professions first, then the char, money FTW! 0%

Cataclysm poll n°2 results: starting zone

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Nov 012010

In the second poll we asked Prelude ppl about their levelling plans: it seems old buddies nostalgia wins over fishes and kelps 🙂
The winner is… Mount Hyjal!

Results of the poll: “Which zone you will choose as first area for levelling?”
Mount Hyjal: Ragnaros, Baron Geddon and loads of Twilight cultist FTW! 60%
– Vashjir: underwater and Abyssal Seahorse Mount FTW! 33%
– i will try to avoid questing as much as possible and spam dungeons 7%

Oct 222010

Kinda a surprise the results of the first Cataclysm poll!
We asked to Prelude people which city they will choose as home and the winner is…. Ironforge!!!
Dwarves strike back with the return of the glourious lagforge? For Prelude it seems so!

Results of the poll: “Which main alliance city you will choose as home?”
– Ironforge 53%

– Darnassus 27%
– Stormwind 20%
– Exodar 0%