Ny’alotha, the Waking City: normal and heroic full clear done!

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Apr 032020

It took less than two months to fully clear the last raid of the expansion, Ny’alotha, the Waking City, at first in normal and then in heroic.
Our raiders were amazing to get yet another Ahead of the Curve achievement!

The raid was as fun as the previous one, the tuning was pretty balanced, and some boss mechanics were brilliant. As of N’zoth fight, for sure it had some C’thun or Yogg-saron recalls , but it seemed more entertaining. Good job Blizzard for another interesting raid tier, and good job Prelude for clearing it!

The raid season is not over tho, we will continue heroic raiding for some time and we’ll experiment also with mythic difficulty. Our goal is achieved, we got our final tier mount reward, but we will have fun in pushing a bit more than usual.

Please enjoy some pictures, bigger versions can be found in our FB group.

Wrathion heroic kill:

Maut heroic kill (with a big tree):

Dark Inquisitor Xanesh aka the Football boss:

Vexiona heroic second kill, because i missed some screenshots:

Ra-den heroic kill, i dunno what my Hati and Artemis’ Hati are doing on the left, and why Thoal is leaving the picture ignoring the rest of us (!!!):

Il’gynoth heroic kill, some people already clicked the portal before the piccie and went away, i guess shiny golden orbs are too shiny 🙂

Carapace of N’zoth heroic kill, whats going on with that fire???

the final blow through the Heart of Azeroth, at least this time it was us and not Thrall delivering it:

the Chamber of Heart final gathering:

…and the usual messy mount line, in proper Prelude tradition:

and some behind the scenes work, our beloved Cinque and helpers fishing for sushi:



The Eternal Palace: heroic full clear

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Dec 192019

Prelude “official” season of raiding ended the last september with the full clear of The Eternal Palace in heroic difficulty. We got our Ahead of the Curve twice with a loooooot of time left before the next tier.

In our opinion this is (so far) the best raid in this expansion: the boss difficulty scaling was gradual and well tuned, there was some variety in fight mechanics and some encounters were fresh and fun. Our raiders improved their performances very smoothly: awesome job everyone!

Stay tuned and check the in-game calendar and the forum for the “off” season activities until the next raid opens!

Enjoy some pictures of our kills, in raid order. Bigger size photos are will be in our FB group.

Radiance of Azshara

Lady Ashvane



Queen Azshara



The Eternal Palace progression: normal full clear, heroic started

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Aug 052019

Prelude started the new tier in good shape after the usual summer break: we had some old times player rejoining us and some new faces entering the ranks: welcome everybody!

Queen Azshara in normal difficulty has been already defeated, and we just started to clear the Eternal Palace in heroic.
The first night we killed the Abyssal Commander Sivara and the Blackwater Behemoth, good job raiders!


Battle of Dazar’alor heroic: full clear!

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Jul 072019

It took us more than usual, but we finally defeated Jaina in heroic to get our Ahead of the Curve achievement in Battle of Dazar’alor.

We got her down the night of Prelude 9th anniversary, the best celebration ever!

This tier was harder than the previous ones, both for in game and outside game reasons. We struggled for some time as many guilds did, but we endured the challenge and we got our triumph in this raid.
This achievement is a testimonial to Prelude raiders resilience and a great feat of our community as a whole. We had the help of some friends and ex members along the route on a couple of bosses (thank you!), but in the end we overcame every difficulty as a guild: well done everyone!

Please enjoy some pictures of our kills, in raid order from start to Jaina (most satisfactory “kill” ever! muah-ha-hahaha-ha!!!)

Siege of Dazar’alor

Jadefire Masters

Grong the Revenant

Empire’s Fall


Conclave of the Chosen

King Rastakhan

Might of the Alliance

High Tinker Mekkatorque

Stormwall Blockade

Lady Jaina Proudmoore

Uldir heroic: full clear

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Jan 192019

The first tier in Battle for Azeroth, Uldir, is over and Prelude raiders confirmed heroic difficulty is our
cup of tea 🙂

We killed heroic G’huun first before the Christmas break and we repeated the fight again so all of our raiders, Champions, Heroes, and some Adventurers got their Ahead of the Curve achievement.

Good job everyone!

Uldir normal: full clear

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Sep 182018

Again the Prelude tradition is confirmed! At the last pull of the raiding night we killed the last boss in Uldir normal, G’huun. Well done guys & girls, well done!

Now that we know the instance and the fights we’ll soon™ start heroic. Remember that in Battle for Azeroth we have new rules and our Heroes should meet some requirements to join the raids.
Head to our forum or our Discord to check!

Antorus the Burning Throne heroic: full clear!

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Mar 032018

In the best of Prelude traditions, at the last pull of the 1st of March raid we killed Argus in heroic mode.

We then completed the full clear of heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne and we got our Ahead of the Curve achievement, new shiny mount included!

This tier was fun, except the Coven of Shivarra encounter that caused many nights of frustration during the learning process.
But we know that every expansion has its own hardest boss for our guild, and Legion was not exception. We always succeed anyway!

Congratulations to our awesome raiders!