November Rain

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Nov 042013

Salutations friends,
Welcome to the November edition of the Prelude Blog.

This month I would like to run another small competition for our lovely guild members. I am looking for some funny, unique and mind-boggling screenshots of our guildies when they are up to no good. I want something original that shows you in a different light.
Each guild member can submit one screenshot (sent to me via PM on the forum) of themselves alone or with other guild members. The officers will get together and decide which one made us laugh the most.
Here is an example to get you started…

The winner will get a fantastic in-game reward!

Oh and supermegaawesome congratz to our Raid Leader Pao and his shiny The Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent mount!

During October we had the pleasure of welcoming the following people to Prelude: Emerella, Mendurass, Minestone, Voidster and Wishmasters.

Thanks for reading!


P.S – Now these mounts do look cool…

October Leaves

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Oct 062013

Hellllllllllo People!
Welcome to the latest installment of the Prelude Blog.
So what have we been up to? Finally the patch landed and we have all been busy farming on the The Timeless Isle. Some more than others… our ex-imp priest Stmaria managed to get The Reins of the Heavenly Golden Could Serpent on the 21st of September!

The new raid instance, The Siege of Orgrimmar, is not bad at all and I must say I enjoy the Flex raid option, good practice grounds. Congratz on the raid team who are progressing steadily there.

Joining us in September are all these sexy people: Airwave, Aggripa, Daprechor, Eltharion, Immitis, Hargir, Scyjow, Veruss and Zelina.

That’s it for this month, see you in-game.


P.S – This is guild is full of weirdos… see below.

Patchy September

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Sep 042013

Hello again!
How did the holiday season treat you? Any embarrassing stories to share?

As you may know, Blizzard announced patch 5.4 for the 11th of September for us European folk. If you have been away and not sure what is happening, this is a great summary:

Finally some new content and a new raid! For this reason we have also opened up recruitment for a few dps classes.

In the meantime we have been continuing with our achievement runs, including a try at some challenge runs which I really enjoyed. I would like to personally thank the lovely Fleur for helping us with tactics and coming along all the time even though she didn’t need any herself.  A big hug from all of us to you!

This is a bit late but huge congratz to our lucky priest Bartt on the mount from Ji-Kun

That’s all folks.

PS – Don’t we look so cute here?



Melting August

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Aug 032013

Greetings folks,
this post will be brief as I may melt away any minute now.
Our official raiding has been suspended for the summer holidays. Hope everyone can find time to relax and forget all their worries. When you get back be ready to clear Throne of Thunder – only one boss left!
In the meantime we are going to be doing our usual “Fun Runs” which include old raids, achievements and LFR. Finally a few of us are getting our Firelands and Dragonsoul mounts. Hopefully we can persuade *someone* to help us out in Ulduar too.

And apparently we are also into a new sport known as TreeDancing…

A tickle to all the new folks that joined this band of nutters: Aisx, Muqq and Twiggo

Think I will go and step inside the fridge now.

Pollon (combina guai)

Happy Birthday Prelude!

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Jul 052013

Hello lovely people,
Prelude is officially, as of the 1st of July, 3 years old!
Last month we had a few trivia questions about the history of the guild. In case you are curious, our first guild master was Arzach, Auchter was assigned the first legendary, the guild was created between the 30th June and 1st of July and last but not least our pet master Sfendourax has the most achievements. Congratulations to Cinque for answering them all correctly!

On Sunday 30th of June we held a guild celebration with some fun and games. Thanks to all the guildies that attended and made it a fun evening for everyone.
We started off with a short hide and seek intro that got people to the chosen spot for the party – The One and Only Steam Pools Resort in Feralas. Congratz to Brutal, Aryla and Clea who were the first to find me and my lovely purple dress.

We shared some snacks with Gordon Tramsay, drank, danced and even dueled with Spring Flowers equipped.

After that, we moved on to play Dead Gnome Darts. Our own Mirko volunteered (well we forced him) to jump off one of the Twin Colossals and die a brutal death. We then all got to jump and try and die as close to him as possible. No sneaky tricks except for a parachute bought from the nearby vendor. It was a tough one but in the end we had 3 clear winners – Aryla, Blindio and Bloodscream!

Last but not least we had some WoW Trivia Questions, it was a close race but Wallywest won in the end!

Thanks for the fun guys and thanks to the officers for organising this evening and for all their work in keeping this guild going and making it a special place for all of us.


Jun 022013

Hello Ciao Salut Hallo Halo Hei Hej Halló Cześć Olá ¡Hola everyone,
Hope this past month has bought all of you lots of epics!

We had the pleasure of welcoming the following people in our ranks: Banacafalata, Bloodscream, Brêwsleê, Howi, Laiph, Lanila, Meichu and Snowscape.

I’d like to do another competition for our guildies… this time I will test your Prelude knowledge.
The first person who sends me, Pollon, a PM on the forums with the answers to these questions gets another awesome prize.

  1. Who was the first Guild Master of Prelude?
  2. Which player was assigned the first legendary?
  3. What date was the guild created?
  4. Which main character has the most achievements in the guild?

Hurry folks, you don’t wanna miss out!

Oh and for all those who mock me and say there is no crab outside the Shrine…

what’s that dead creature next to me, hmmm? No more denying it now, hah!

With this, I bid you all farewell.

Salty Pollon

April’s Fool

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May 042013

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to our monthly roundup.
Our beloved Guild Master decided to surprise us on the 1st of April and give us a new tabard…

Luckily it didn’t stick!
In the meantime the raid team has downed 2 more bosses and we are still actively recruiting some dps classes. We also did a few achievement runs in Ulduar, ICC and Halion on heroic which bought back some terrifying experiences for some us. A few guildies still needed to complete the 5.1 quests for the legendary which meant doing some dreaded PVP for The Lion Roars. As it turned out, despite the initial extreme annoyance, it got a few of us to eventually enjoy pvp and even try some arena! Have no fear, we are still a bunch of nubs having a laugh.

Hugs and welcome to the people who joined us this month: Anistheticx, Beremeverman, Brêwsleê, Dakiola, Draconess and Krell.

See you next month and remember: Never use a dwarf to measure the depth of the water.


P.S – Gnome Overboard – for all those pesky gnomes out there.

Springless March

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Apr 052013

Salutations from Azeroth!
I don’t know about you guys, but this month seems to have flown by and Spring is still eluding us.
Onto serious matters: congratulations to the raiding team! Loads of bosses have gone splat and they are now well into the latest raiding tier, Throne of Thunder.

As usual, a huge resounding welcome to our new members: Datguy, Elementor, Isothor, Malek, Parrazell, and Terrá.

This week I would like to introduce you to our supreme Pet Master, Mr Sfendourax!

As you saw last month he is first on our realm, 32nd in EU and 55th in EU/US combined. And a special mention to Dragone who is still second on the realm and Blindio who moved up to 12th place! (They did force us to kill this odd giant eel at some point as well!)

I asked Sfendourax a few questions:

How did you get interested in Pet Battles?

I was for many years a full player of Magic the Gathering Game as I wanted to play something with my children for some quality time together I started Pokemon Card game. On some regional championship games I was selected with 75 European players and participated (full expenses paid) to the world Pokemon Championship in New York … so I had some experience on chasing and breeding Pokemons. Pet battles in WoW is a nice integration of that idea in the game.

Which 3 pets did you level first?

I really don’t remember … one of them must have been Lil’XT, I would definitely suggest that one, a Cat with Devour attack and Nether Fairy Dragon on today’s Pet Battles

Do you have a favorite pet? If so which one and why?

I like Lil’XT a lot cause his Tympanic Tandrum attack cripples the enemy team, his Repair makes it reusable as almost a brand new one not to mention his Revival ability as a mechanical Pet.

When did you start playing WoW?

I managed to resist it for 6 months since launch of the game, after that full time with small vacation breaks, 1113 Days played on Dragonblight only. I was playing Warcraft since 1st PC Version and all the versions till WoW.

What is your favorite area in WoW?

Isle of Quel’Danas – Sunwell Plateau

Any tips/hints for people who want to get into Pet Battles?

I think some spirit of patience, solitary play is required and love for collections and critters will help a lot also. There are too many hints and tips I can offer as I explored most of the issue on my own from start. We suffered some bugs in the beginning but now it is mostly stabilized with every major patch Blizzard tries to correct the overpowered Pets and attacks so the environment is customized to retain competition for all pet flavours Don’t hesitate to ask me for detailed information as I can save you days of effort and frustration.

Perhaps this will finally get a few us into trying Pet Battles!

See y’all in game,
Pollon – I am not fat, I am a dwarf.

February Love

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Mar 032013

Greetings Dear Readers,
So what happened in the Love is in the Air month? Our raiding team is still busy working their way in Heart of Fear (those bugs still freak me out) while we all await the upcoming 5.2 patch. We’ve also completed some achievements in Heroic Black Wing Descent and Icecrown. There’s also a new obsession in the guild – pet battles! It was suggested we should be called “Petlude” instead… congratz to Sfendourax and Dragone on being 1st and 2nd on the realm and also Mozz, Stmaria and Blindio on being in the top 20.

A big warm hug to the new members: Depraved, Huntchi and Spreadem.

This week I would like to host a small competition for our guild members, so listen up…
The first person who sends me, Pollon (on this char ONLY), ONE in-game mail with ALL the following items wins an aweeeesome prize:
Troll Sweat
Footman’s Waterskin
Bowels ‘n’ Brains

Good luck and so long from your one and only female dwarf.

January Chills

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Feb 032013

Dear fellow World of Warcraft lovers,
let’s have a look at the latest developments in the guild. In this month raiding has progressed as usual, with some bumps due to lack of numbers but this should improve now. We’ve also started regular social runs to complete achievements such as Glory of Pandaria Hero and random pre-Pandaria raids. Plus there are some unconfirmed reports of a Beach Party on a certain Sunday…
Last but not least, we’d like to welcome some new members: Annares, Beazty, Dafo, Daremythia, Earsmaginty, Faluzure, Kaliò (he was a social member but started raiding with us), Nordicbear and Teya – The Bloodthirsty.

I’d also like to add a thanks to all the officers for the hard work they put into keeping this guild going and making a fun, welcoming home for all of us! Special thanks to Taø and Fleurexq for the great work on the new and improved forum!

Take Care and remember female dwarfs are hot.