Prelude fun

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Apr 082017

Our raiders are awesome, as they are now working on Gul’dan heroic (more piccies about heroic Nighthold 9/10 in a future post), but they also like to play for fun!

The night is dark and full of terrors

Prelude tradition of friday night runs with music and booze is well established, and socials and friends know they can join and be more than welcome!
What happens on friday nights stay in friday nights, so we are *not* reporting attempted murders, padding meters or general misbehaviour *cough* but the last run was even darker than normal…

if you don’t see anything in the pictures, this is exactly the point! Spoiler: get some Inky Black Potion!

Some guildies like hard challenges…

Our warrior Aryla is the first in the guild to get the insanely hard scenario for the challenge Artifact look done. According to our data he could be even the first or second warrior on Dragonblight!
In the realm top three for sure, anyway, so we are very very proud of him!
Good job Aryla you are a gem of the warrior class and we /salute you.

…and some guildies are just crazy cat ladies!

Prelude tradition of battle pet collections started with our mage Sfendourax topping the realm rank for nearly two expansions. Check his interview here in the blog!

At the moment we have 5 guildies ranked in the realm top50, with Blindio (3rd priest) leading at 27th and Fleurexq (4th hunter) close second at 29th. It’s not a suprise to meet guildies when the weekly battle pet event happens, and it seems everybody likes the trick to level low pets with the Iron Starlette in Stormheim. Rumour has it somebody used nearly 1000 pet bandages between fights….

Siege of Orgrimmar: Thok the Bloodthirsty 25m down!

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Nov 202013

We can wonder why Garrosh decided to tame a big dino and tried to keep him in captivity under Orgrimmar… but no reason to ask, it’s a BIG DINO! ’nuff said!
Even without the assistance of Hemet Nesingwary we had a great hunt and killed Thok the Bloodthirsty.
Good job “Dinoslayer” raiders!

PS hunters of the guild thank the other classes for the, uhm, somewhat useful support. 😛



Siege of Orgrimmar: Galakras and Iron Juggernaut 25m down!

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Oct 102013

Another double strike! In our last monday raid we killed 2 bosses in one night, approaching the gates of Orgrimmar.Both Galakras and the Iron Juggernaut are no more: good job raiders!

PS what a shame the Juggernaut is a mechanical.. that would be a very badass hunter pet 😛