Summer tour

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Aug 082014

Hello guildies! As every summer, we like to relax visiting some old instances for achievements, mounts, trasmog gear and fun.

This year the basic schedule tours the Cataclysm instances every tuesday:

tuesday 5 august: Dragon Soul

tuesday 12 august: Firelands

tuesday 19 august: Blackwing Descent

tuesday 26 august Heart of Fear + Throne of the Four Winds

but of course you can ask any extra instance – BUT NOT ULDUAR!! – in the forum or in game.  🙂

Happy holidays Prelude!



Heart of Fear: Imperial Vizier Zor’lok 25men down!

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Nov 302012

It was time to pay a visit to the mantids, right? Soooooo… we went and killed the Voice of the Empress,
the Imperial Vizier Zor’lok !

Congratulations to all the raiders, even if we know that the real reason was you wanted to show your naked pictures here 🙂 And the ones who dont have the Gokk’lok’s Shell yet.. go get it!