Apr 032020

It took less than two months to fully clear the last raid of the expansion, Ny’alotha, the Waking City, at first in normal and then in heroic.
Our raiders were amazing to get yet another Ahead of the Curve achievement!

The raid was as fun as the previous one, the tuning was pretty balanced, and some boss mechanics were brilliant. As of N’zoth fight, for sure it had some C’thun or Yogg-saron recalls , but it seemed more entertaining. Good job Blizzard for another interesting raid tier, and good job Prelude for clearing it!

The raid season is not over tho, we will continue heroic raiding for some time and we’ll experiment also with mythic difficulty. Our goal is achieved, we got our final tier mount reward, but we will have fun in pushing a bit more than usual.

Please enjoy some pictures, bigger versions can be found in our FB group.

Wrathion heroic kill:

Maut heroic kill (with a big tree):

Dark Inquisitor Xanesh aka the Football boss:

Vexiona heroic second kill, because i missed some screenshots:

Ra-den heroic kill, i dunno what my Hati and Artemis’ Hati are doing on the left, and why Thoal is leaving the picture ignoring the rest of us (!!!):

Il’gynoth heroic kill, some people already clicked the portal before the piccie and went away, i guess shiny golden orbs are too shiny ­čÖé

Carapace of N’zoth heroic kill, whats going on with that fire???

the final blow through the Heart of Azeroth, at least this time it was us and not Thrall delivering it:

the Chamber of Heart final gathering:

…and the usual messy mount line, in proper Prelude tradition:

and some behind the scenes work, our beloved Cinque and helpers fishing for sushi:



The Eternal Palace: heroic full clear

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Dec 192019

Prelude “official” season of raiding ended the last september with the full clear of The Eternal Palace in heroic difficulty. We got our Ahead of the Curve twice with a loooooot of time left before the next tier.

In our opinion this is (so far) the best raid in this expansion: the boss difficulty scaling was gradual and well tuned, there was some variety in fight mechanics and some encounters were fresh and fun. Our raiders improved their performances very smoothly: awesome job everyone!

Stay tuned and check the in-game calendar and the forum for the “off” season activities until the next raid opens!

Enjoy some pictures of our kills, in raid order. Bigger size photos are will be in our FB group.

Radiance of Azshara

Lady Ashvane



Queen Azshara



Prelude fun

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Apr 082017

Our raiders┬áare awesome, as they are now working on Gul’dan heroic (more piccies about heroic Nighthold 9/10 in a future post), but they also like to play for fun!

The night is dark and full of terrors

Prelude tradition of friday night runs with music and booze is well established, and socials and friends know they can join and be more than welcome!
What happens on friday nights stay in friday nights, so we are *not* reporting attempted murders, padding meters or general misbehaviour *cough* but the last run was even darker than normal…

if you don’t see anything in the pictures, this is exactly the point! Spoiler: get some Inky Black Potion!

Some guildies like┬áhard challenges…

Our warrior Aryla is the first in the guild to get the insanely hard scenario for the challenge Artifact look done. According to our data he could be even the first or second warrior on Dragonblight!
In the realm top three for sure, anyway, so we are very very proud of him!
Good job Aryla you are a gem of the warrior class and we /salute you.

…and some guildies are just crazy cat ladies!

Prelude tradition of battle pet collections started with our mage Sfendourax topping the realm rank for nearly two expansions. Check his interview here in the blog!

At the moment we have 5 guildies ranked in the realm top50, with Blindio (3rd priest) leading at 27th and Fleurexq (4th hunter) close second at 29th. It’s not a suprise to meet guildies when the weekly battle pet event happens, and it seems everybody likes the trick to level low pets with the Iron Starlette in Stormheim. Rumour has it┬ásomebody used nearly 1000 pet bandages between fights….