Four years of Prelude

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Jul 052014

As of the 1st of July, Prelude is 4 years old.

This year we celebrated our anniversary with a grand arena tournament, managed by our newest talented officer, Wallywest.

The winner team of the PVP division was “Legends”. Ciprus and Bakica defeated “Run away little girl” in the finals.
The winners of the PVE division were Pao and Blindio. “Murloc stole my bycicle” defeated “Countrygirls” in the finals.

It was really fun: thanks to all the guildies who partecipated, and congratulations to the winners! Enjoy your new mounts 🙂



Happy 4th birthday Prelude!

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Jun 252014

4 years ago, in the night of the 1st of July, Prelude started its journey…

to celebrate our fourth anniversary, this year we will have 4 nights of battle and fun!

Head to the forum to signup for the 2v2 tournament: are you prepared?