Summer tour

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Aug 082014

Hello guildies! As every summer, we like to relax visiting some old instances for achievements, mounts, trasmog gear and fun.

This year the basic schedule tours the Cataclysm instances every tuesday:

tuesday 5 august: Dragon Soul

tuesday 12 august: Firelands

tuesday 19 august: Blackwing Descent

tuesday 26 august Heart of Fear + Throne of the Four Winds

but of course you can ask any extra instance – BUT NOT ULDUAR!! – in the forum or in game.  🙂

Happy holidays Prelude!



Two years of Prelude

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Jul 012012

Today the guild reaches two years of life:


The results of this last year are really good: we cleared all the 3 tiers of raiding with a good progression and improving every tier (we are currently at 5/8 heroics in Dragon Soul) and we obtained 5 legendaries so far (3 staves and 2 daggers), working on another rogue set.

We are happy about every raider and every social in the guild: thank you guys & girls, you all are nice people to play with.

As usual we’d like to celebrate with a video. Enjoy it!


This preview is in standard quality. (may require up to 30/40 sec. to buffer)

You can download the HD version here

Night of the living legendaries

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Mar 062012

Prelude guild lived one of these unique and amazing experiences the game can provide sometimes…
we got not one, not two, but three legendary weapons in one night!!!

Our beloved rogue Baddi got his Golad and Tiriosh daggers! The guild got the Fangs of the Father achievement, completing the full collection of legendaries once more.
We all are happy, big congratulations to Baddi!

And after this, we stole the Heart of Flame again…. big congratulations to Dràgone for his legendary staff, Dragonwrath! This is the third for the guild, thank you very much to everybody who helped to get it again.

3 legendaries in one night…

Firelands summary report: another legendary!

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Jan 122012

While we are working on the last tier of raid – currently we are at 6/8 in Dragon Soul – we’d like to report the final score on the previous tier, Firelands.

Before the 4.3 patch we were already at 7/7 normal and 2/7 heroics (Shannox and Lord Rhyolith).
We worked on the legendary staves for our raiders, and we are happy to announce that also our evil warlock, Cnut, got it!
The final score is 2 Dragonwrath and half :), with all of our casters at some stage of the chain quests.
Thank you to every raider who helped to achieve this nice result, and congratulations to Cnut!


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Nov 162011

We are happy to announce Prelude completed another legendary weapon, the first in Cataclysm!
Congratulations to Sfendourax, owner of the Dragonwrath, Terecgosa’s Rest !

A big thanks goes to all our raiders for the effort to achieve this success;
speaking of achievements with this one we completed also our Ultimate Collection. Woot!