Jun 232015

We had a little break in our blogging, but that doesn’t mean the guild stopped raiding 🙂

In the last three months we completed heroic Blackrock Foundry:

Iron Maidens wins the award for the most annoying boss encounter of wow history. 10 minutes of nothing followed by 2 chaotic and messy ones, leading to boring wipes at the 11th minute or worse and then again and again and again… Prelude doesn’t approve of this fight!
The only happy people were our hunters with their new shiny spearguns. Hunter weaponz FTW

The Blast Furnace, on the contrary, is a fun fight and for some strange reason phase 2 got the best out of us. We mastered the encounter quickly and we boldly stepped into the last challenge…

Blackhand, Warlord of the Blackrock, was a wall we crashed into. The heroic fight is hard, and it was hard for us to learn it. We had rotations and replacements in our raiding roster, full nights of wiping, everything that reminded us of when we were hardcore and had to endure nights and nights of no progression and frustration. But we are Prelude… “Never give up. Never surrender.” And finally, at the very last minute before the patch, just in time to get the Ahead of the Curve achievement, we killed him. No warlord rules forever!

Thank you everyone for the nice raiding season in this first Draenor tier! On Blackhand kill we had our full current roster of raiders and everyone was doing great. A special mention to our raid leader Pao and our kiter Oldi the mage, but on the kill everyone did their best, healers, tanks, melees and ranged. Good job Prelude!



Blast Furnace:


Iron Maidens:


Hunter weaponz 🙂



Blackrock Foundry: heroic double strike!

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Mar 292015

This week our raiders scored a double strike first kill in heroic Blackrock Foundry:

Oregorger. Maybe his diet of heavy rocks made this giant goren a bit slower, or maybe we are in a better shape than him: anyway <the Devourer> is dead now. For pest control, no matter of the vermin size, call Prelude!

Kromog. Now, why a magnaron decided to help the Iron Horde, is a question nobody can answer. He tried to smash and grasp and squeeze us but he failed and the mistery will remain unsolved.
For sure he choosed the wrong side in this war.

PS as we didn’t have enough gnomes in the picture, somebody decided to go for a duplicate Millhouse Manastorm.. as if the world needed it. Sigh.



Blackrock Foundry: 2 more heroic encounters defeated!

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Mar 222015

Our journey into Blackrock Foundry is going on with new victories:

Flamebender Ka’graz. Despite all his fire, wolves and dancing blades, this blacksmith was NOT made of steel. Sorry Iron Horde, your line of fire-imbued weapons is out of stock now!

Operator Thogar. He tried to impress us with his control over the Grimrail operations, but we messed up his schedule. End of the line for him!

PS we apologize there is only one gnome left in the picture. All the other ones have been eaten…



Blackrock Foundry: 3 heroic encounters already defeated!

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Feb 282015

We are happy to say that red, dark and spiky places are no threat to Prelude raiders!

In the first 2 weeks of Blackrock Foundry we cleared 8 bosses in normal mode and won 3 fights in heroic:

Gruul. Poor monster, in this Draenor he has been enslaved to work for the Iron Horde, he lost one hand, his cavern is half the size of the Outland one and on top of all that the same people raided his place and killed him… AGAIN.
Sorry honey, but we practiced a lot your Petrifying/Shatter trick in the past and you can’t get us!!!

Beastlord Darmac. He is a huntard if we’ve ever seen one! He obviously knows nothing about proper rotation of cooldowns and he just tried to throw at us whatever pet and weapon he could. Tsk tsk, BM hunters sometimes…. even if we tried to help him, kindly waiting for his spears to pin us down (!!!), we wiped him.
Next time spec Surv, you nOOb!

Hans’gar & Franzok. They yelled at us “If it bleeds, we can kill it!” and we answered “Precisely”.
WE will be back, you two girlies!