Battle of Dazar’alor heroic: full clear!

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Jul 072019

It took us more than usual, but we finally defeated Jaina in heroic to get our Ahead of the Curve achievement in Battle of Dazar’alor.

We got her down the night of Prelude 9th anniversary, the best celebration ever!

This tier was harder than the previous ones, both for in game and outside game reasons. We struggled for some time as many guilds did, but we endured the challenge and we got our triumph in this raid.
This achievement is a testimonial to Prelude raiders resilience and a great feat of our community as a whole. We had the help of some friends and ex members along the route on a couple of bosses (thank you!), but in the end we overcame every difficulty as a guild: well done everyone!

Please enjoy some pictures of our kills, in raid order from start to Jaina (most satisfactory “kill” ever! muah-ha-hahaha-ha!!!)

Siege of Dazar’alor

Jadefire Masters

Grong the Revenant

Empire’s Fall


Conclave of the Chosen

King Rastakhan

Might of the Alliance

High Tinker Mekkatorque

Stormwall Blockade

Lady Jaina Proudmoore

Four years of Prelude

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Jul 052014

As of the 1st of July, Prelude is 4 years old.

This year we celebrated our anniversary with a grand arena tournament, managed by our newest talented officer, Wallywest.

The winner team of the PVP division was “Legends”. Ciprus and Bakica defeated “Run away little girl” in the finals.
The winners of the PVE division were Pao and Blindio. “Murloc stole my bycicle” defeated “Countrygirls” in the finals.

It was really fun: thanks to all the guildies who partecipated, and congratulations to the winners! Enjoy your new mounts 🙂



Happy 4th birthday Prelude!

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Jun 252014

4 years ago, in the night of the 1st of July, Prelude started its journey…

to celebrate our fourth anniversary, this year we will have 4 nights of battle and fun!

Head to the forum to signup for the 2v2 tournament: are you prepared?






Happy Birthday Prelude!

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Jul 052013

Hello lovely people,
Prelude is officially, as of the 1st of July, 3 years old!
Last month we had a few trivia questions about the history of the guild. In case you are curious, our first guild master was Arzach, Auchter was assigned the first legendary, the guild was created between the 30th June and 1st of July and last but not least our pet master Sfendourax has the most achievements. Congratulations to Cinque for answering them all correctly!

On Sunday 30th of June we held a guild celebration with some fun and games. Thanks to all the guildies that attended and made it a fun evening for everyone.
We started off with a short hide and seek intro that got people to the chosen spot for the party – The One and Only Steam Pools Resort in Feralas. Congratz to Brutal, Aryla and Clea who were the first to find me and my lovely purple dress.

We shared some snacks with Gordon Tramsay, drank, danced and even dueled with Spring Flowers equipped.

After that, we moved on to play Dead Gnome Darts. Our own Mirko volunteered (well we forced him) to jump off one of the Twin Colossals and die a brutal death. We then all got to jump and try and die as close to him as possible. No sneaky tricks except for a parachute bought from the nearby vendor. It was a tough one but in the end we had 3 clear winners – Aryla, Blindio and Bloodscream!

Last but not least we had some WoW Trivia Questions, it was a close race but Wallywest won in the end!

Thanks for the fun guys and thanks to the officers for organising this evening and for all their work in keeping this guild going and making it a special place for all of us.


Two years of Prelude

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Jul 012012

Today the guild reaches two years of life:


The results of this last year are really good: we cleared all the 3 tiers of raiding with a good progression and improving every tier (we are currently at 5/8 heroics in Dragon Soul) and we obtained 5 legendaries so far (3 staves and 2 daggers), working on another rogue set.

We are happy about every raider and every social in the guild: thank you guys & girls, you all are nice people to play with.

As usual we’d like to celebrate with a video. Enjoy it!


This preview is in standard quality. (may require up to 30/40 sec. to buffer)

You can download the HD version here

One year of Prelude

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Jul 012011

Once upon ago, in a galaxy far far away… ehm no, on Azeroth… well, actually it was one year ago…



We are really proud and happy to announce we reached one year of the guild! Woooot!
We founded and organized everything in few days, the official birth was July, 1st, and the first raid July, 4th

In this year we had some nice satisfactions and good moments!
We cleared Icecrown Citadel (mostly in heroic) and Ruby Sanctum, we got 3 Shadowmourne and we raided the whole summer except one day
In Cataclysm we reached the maximum guild level very fast, and we cleared the current tier content, always keeping the “old, sweet” raiding style: 25men only
Last news, we completed 12/12 normal modes with Ala’kir kill. We got our Dark Phoenix and the title “Defender of a Shattered World”

Now we are starting the new challenges in Firelands… this Prelude is becoming a symphony 🙂



Here’s our celebratory guild video ! Happy BirthDay Prelude

This preview is in standard quality. (can requires up to 30/40 sec. to buffer)

You can download the HD version here