Jul 312018

As in every expansion, Prelude is planning to raid in Battle for Azeroth. Hype!

We will raid normal/heroic during the week, and lfr/normal during our fun runs on friday nights. Everyone is welcome to join!
If you are a guildie and never had the time, please check the new rules, you may find a way to join the runs. If you are a friend, or just a curious checking our page, give us a chance 🙂 You can browse through our old blog posts, check our forums, or contact us in game or in Discord.

Happy expansion everybody!

  3 Responses to “Battle for Azeroth: Call to Arms!”

  1. Any news on removing Gnum from game? Also, gib Discord invite.

  2. Can you share a link to your Discord group?

  3. Hey Faluzure, nice to see you around. You are still registered in our forum so you can find the Discord invite in the newcomers section. And if by Gnum you mean our (cough) beloved (cough) Mirko.. he’s still with us 😛

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