Welcome to Draenor

Dec 062014

The first weeks in Draenor kept Prelude members busy and entertained.We worked hard to establish our Garrisons and slaughter as many enemies as possible – wait, does it sound we are experienced slayers?
ops, yes, we are! So now it’s time to go big and enter the first stronghold of our enemies, the citadel of the Gorian Empire: Highmaul

We tested our strenght against these ogres & friends in normal difficulty for now, and so far we killed
Kargath Bladefist, The Butcher and the ancient walker of the deep Brackenspore.
This last one is a very fun fight that involves fire guns, mushrooms, spores, plants and a lot of dance.

Congratulations to all the raiders for this nice start of the new season! go Prelude!


PS the gnums are in the front row!


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